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2024 Public Health Conference of Iowa!

Better Together: Transforming Public Health

March 26-27, 2024

Holiday Inn Airport, Des Moines



This year’s theme

 “Better Together: Transforming Public Health” 

underscores the importance of collaboration and advancement in the field of public health and reflects our commitment to advancing public health initiatives that create lasting positive impacts on individuals and communities.

See the full conference agenda here.


Preconference Training

De-Escalation Training

Workshop hosted by the Iowa Environmental Health Association (IEHA) 

March 25, 2024

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C3 De-escalation┬« targets a breakdown in the brain. Stress or anger– i.e., “losing it”– causes a physical short–circuit. Brain sections that handle self-restraint, reason and consequences essentially disconnect. This can result in outbursts of aggression, agitation, or reckless behavior

LGBTQ Inclusivity Training

Host by the Iowa Public Health Association


March 25, 2024

This training includes the foundational step of building an understanding of the LGBTQ community and developing skills and habits necessary to being an inclusive LGBTQ ally.


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2024 PHCI Planning Committee Partners

Iowa Counties of Public Health Association (ICPHA)         

Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH)

Iowa Environmental Health Association (IEHA)

Iowa Public Health Association (IPHA)   

University of Iowa College of Public Health (UICPH)

University of Iowa Division of Child and Community Health (DCCH)

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