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Environmental Health Specialist

Linn County Public Health

Cedar Rapids, IA

Salary: $27.10/hour

Apply online at

Job Information:

Full-time position with professional responsibilities relating to enforcement of laws, regulations and standards concerning food safety, safe drinking water, private sewage disposal systems, solid waste, toxic substances, rabies investigations, and general sanitation. Inspects food service and retail food establishments, vending machines, temporary food stands, as well as lodging establishments within the contract area for compliance with state laws.  Educates the public on food safety, protection, quality and storage.   Additional duties include inspecting swimming pools and spas, tattoo and tanning establishments, animal bite investigations and responding to public health nuisance complaints.

Bachelor’s degree with major course work in environmental health or related field required that includes an algebra course or higher level math and thirty (30) semester hours/forty-five (45) quarter hours in basic sciences.  Six (6) months of experience in dealing with the public, preferably in positions related to public health and sanitation work required.


SALARY RANGE: Minimum - $71,148 ● Midpoint - $85,579 ● Maximum - $112,411

Responsible for leading the Community Health Division in the successful achievement of the agency’s vision, mission, and programs. The Division Manager promotes and supports population health in Linn County through addressing social determinants of health and health inequity and providing strategic leadership and public health expertise in these areas. This position promotes individual and population health by providing the 10 Essential Services of public health within a variety of settings; supports the implementation of evidence-based best practices and the use of data to support decision-making; ensures compliance with a broad range of current and local state health codes, regulations and policies; participates in multi-faceted community health projects and coalitions; and provides technical assistance and information to individuals, families and groups regarding public health and environmental issues. The Division Manager provides supervision, mentoring, and technical assistance to all Division staff. The incumbent will report directly to the Health Director and be part of the Department’s Executive Team (E-Team).

More Information

Johnson County

Public Health Direction

Public Health Director Board of Health seeks Director to manage staff of 45 and budget of over $4 million. Institute essential public health services, provide leadership and vision for meeting community health needs, implement policies of the Board, coordinate communication services and oversee all aspects of public health in Johnson County. 

Compensation range $103,613.64 to $121,898.66, commensurate with experience, excellent health insurance and benefits. 


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