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Accredited undergraduate and graduate level environmental health programs.

National Environmental Health Science & Protection Accreditation Council - Graduate Programs

National Environmental Health Science & Protection Accreditation Council - Under graduate Programs

NOTE – Due to the low interest in paper exams over the past few years, NEHA is seriously considering discontinuing paper exams by late 2019.  Also, the administrative time and increased expenses, including shipping expenses which continue to rise, played a part in this decision.   Exams will still be offered year-round on computer.  That has become the preference for most applicants, especially younger and mid-career environmental health professionals.  Computer testing is also much more secure and maintains the integrity of the exams we work so hard to develop.

NEHA - National Environmental Health Association

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IEHA members are reimbursed for NEHA credentialing exam fee.  Reimbursement is provided once exam is passed and credentialing verified.  Members please click here for reimbursement form.  

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NEHA Registered Environmental Health Specialist/Registered Sanitarian (REHS/RS)

The REHS/RS is the premiere NEHA credential. It is available to a wide range of environmental health professionals.  Individuals holding the REHS/RS credential show competency in environmental health issues, direct and train personnel to respond to routine or emergency environmental situations, and frequently provide education to their communities on environmental health concerns.  The advantages of NEHA's REHS/RS registration program are: demonstrate your competency and capabilities in the environmental health field, the continual update of the REHS/RS examination and study guide based on an ongoing assessment of the environmental health field, and the tracking of individuals continuing education by NEHA.

NEHA Certified Installers of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (CIOWTS)

NEHA will no longer offer this credential.  

This credential is issued through the Iowa Onsite Wastewater Association.  

The first Iowa certification credential for the onsite wastewater profession aimed at setting standards of practice for onsite wastewater treatment system installers. This credential was initially offered through NEHA who developed this credential with cooperation from National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (NOWRA), State Onsite Regulators Alliance (SORA), and Consortium of Institutes for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment (CIDWT). For more information click here.

IOWWA will continue to maintain the integrity and professional standard of the CIOWTS certificiation. 



NEHA Certified Environmental Health Technician (CEHT)

This certification has been discontinued and is no longer offered. 



NEHA Certified Professional - Food Safety (CP-FS)

The Certified Professional - Food Safety is for food safety professionals and is designed for individuals within the public and private sectors whose primary responsibility is the protection and safety of food. The exam for this prestigious credential integrates food microbiology, HACCP principles and regulatory requirements into questions that test problem solving skills and knowledge.

Food Safety Auditor Credentials

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requires competent, qualified auditors to carry out the functions described in the regulations. To position this field for the future, NEHA is proud to announce its newest credentials —the Certified in Food Safety Supplier Audits (CFSSA) and the Registered Food Safety Auditor (RFSA). The CFSSA credential will prepare individuals to complete 1st and 2nd party audits as well as food safety supply chain audits. The RFSA credential is for individuals who will be prepared to also complete 3rd party food safety audits.

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Certified Foodborne Outbreak 

Investigator (CFOI) Credential

A Certified Foodborne Outbreak Investigator (CFOI) Credential holder utilizes environmental health principles and food safety knowledge in collaboration with outbreak response partners to assess foodborne illness risks, perform environmental assessments, identify contributing factors and antecedents, and implement control measures to prevent the spread of foodborne illness and protect the public.

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Certified in Comprehensive Food Safety (CCFS) Credential

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) has recast the food safety landscape, including the role of the food safety professional. To fill this void, the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) offers the Certified in Comprehensive Food Safety (CCFS) credential. An individual that earns the CCFS credential will demonstrate expertise in the manufacturing and processing areas, whether in a regulatory/oversight role or in a food safety management or compliance position within the private sector.

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