The strength of the Iowa Environmental Health Association rests in its members. IEHA contains hundreds of working health professionals in counties across Iowa, and include city/county Health Departments, the Iowa Department of Public Health, the Department of Inspections and Appeals, the University Hygienic Lab, the Food industry, County Engineers, Iowa State University, the Iowa Water Well Association, the Wastewater industry, and the Environmental Protection Agency. Additional participants include the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, the Iowa Ground Water Association, the Iowa Public Health Association, and the International Association of Milk, Food, and Environmental Sanitarians.

Members seek to promote and protect the various aspects of public health to the residents of Iowa.  In return, IEHA strives to develop its members by increasing skills, education, efficiency, and professionalism.


The National Environmental Health Association (NEHA), the Iowa Environmental Council (IEC), and the Iowa State Association of Counties (ISAC),



As a body, we are involved in environmental and public education, reviewing existing and pending environmental health legislation, and community service.


We are proud to  have taken a leading role in the development of groundwater regulations, wastewater management regulations, food service personnel certification programs, the IEHA Environmental Handbook, the Saniscripts Newsletter, swimming pool regulations and well contractor certifications. 

The Iowa Environmental Health Association originated in 1969 with 49 members. Today, we are approaching 200 members from various cities and counties across Iowa.

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