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Submit Your 2024 CEHs 

CEH = Continuing Education Hours

It is preferred that you enter your 12 CEHs at one time. 

CEHs due by January 15th

CEHs are required for any person who has a Swimming Pool/Spa, Tattoo, or Grants to Counties contract with the Iowa Department of Public Health

All submissions must have proof of attendance.  This can be the course agenda, a receipt of registration, a certificate of completion, or other documentation. CEHs are required to be submitted electronically. No paper or emailed submissions will be accepted.  

The following courses and conferences with an EH emphasis or pertinent to the EH job description are approved by the IEHA Professional Development Committee for CEUs.

Please consider the following bullet points when using this form.

It is preferred that you enter your 12 CEHs at one time. 

  • You will only be able to submit pre-approved courses – You will only be able to select courses which have already had their agendas submitted and approved for CEHs by the Professional Development Committee.  In the event you do not see a course you attended on the list, simply submit an agenda to the Professional Development Committee ( Kate Honer) for review.  If approved, it will be added to the list shortly after your submission.
  • Three hours of non- EH specific CEHs may be counted towards the annual 12.0 requirement.  An example would include accreditation, quality assurance and quality improvement workshops/training.  
  • All entries are date and time stamped – All entries will need to be entered into the system prior to 11:59:59pm on January 15th of each year as the query from IDPH will cut off all entries after that time.  Please make sure to allow time for any unforeseen “technical difficulties”.
  • Approved hours may not equal YOUR actual number – The numbers listed next to the courses on the list represent the number of approved hours for those attending the entire course.  In the event you do not attend the full session, adjustments must be made accordingly.
  • For those holding a current REHS/RS, CEHT, or other NEHA certification, you may skip the identification of courses and just submit a scanned copy of your current card electronically using the “Upload Files” button.
  • Printing must be done BEFORE submission – At the bottom of the form there is a “Print” button.  It is recommended to a print your information you are submitting to keep with your records -  you must click this button prior to submission.  Once the “Submit” button is clicked, you will not have the option to go back and print.
  • All calculations will be based on quarter-hour increments, with all amounts falling between two values being rounded up to the next higher value. So, if you have a 15 minute webinar, it would equal 0.25 hours.  If (for example) you had a 16 minute webinar, it would equal 0.50 hours. 


  • Once 12 CEUs is confirmed, a certificate will be emailed to you for your records.  

NEHA (National Environmental Health Association) CONTINUING EDUCATION INFORMATION 

-Submit your NEHA credential required hours to NEHA, FAQ, and other NEHA CEU information.   

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