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Environmental Specialist - Food Safety Specialist

(Polk or Jasper County)

Salary:  $49,254.40 - $74,276.80 Annually

Location:  State of Iowa 

Job Type:  Full-time

Agency:  427 Iowa Department of Inspections & Appeals Central Office

Job Number:  23-01898

Closing:  12/20/2022 11:59 PM Central

LinkedIn Tag:  #LI-POST

Point of Contact:  Rosa Haukedahl; 515-971-1957

Environmental Health Specialist I

Online Job Posting

Salary:  $58,620.67 - $70,344.80 Annually

Location: Iowa City, IA

Job Type:  Full-time

Department:  Public Health - Global

Job Number:  00645

Closing:  Continuous

Definition & Duties

Under general supervision, performs fieldwork with professional responsibilities in environmental protection programs.  Enforces environmental health regulations, provides environmental health consultation, and collects environmental samples.

***This position is assigned to food program/food inspection***

Knowledge of & Ability to
  • Principles, practices, and techniques of natural and physical sciences as related to environmental protection
  • State and local environmental laws, rules, and regulations and their application to environmental programs
  • HIPAA rules and regulations
  • Principles and practices of emergency preparedness
  • Principles and practices of performance management and quality improvement
  • Investigation, analysis, and procedures used in sampling and related data collection
  • Basic techniques involved with environmental control and the application of those techniques to specific environmental problems
  • Geology, soils, and watersheds as related to the protection of natural resources
  • Basics of geographic information systems
  • English language to include grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and vocabulary skills

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