The Iowa Environmental Health Association recognizes and values it's members for the work they accomplish, the ways they effectively work together, the community and private citizens they serve, and the elected officials that support environmental health work.  Formally recognizing our peers helps environmental health professionals stay connected to national programs, our state, the communities we serve and other IEHA members.  IEHA realizes that many environmental health professionals go unrecognized for their dedication to the advancement of environmental health and keeping our environment safe.  Annually IEHA members have the opportunity to nominate colleagues and officials who have demonstrated exemplary leadership and service in environmental health in Iowa.

 2024 Award Winners - Get to know them and read about their accomplishments 

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Award nominations must be submitted online by February 25th to be considered.  Any questions, contact Shelly Schossow, Award Committee Chair.  Click here to email Shelly.

IEHA, IPHA, and NEHA Past Award Recipients


**Nominations for IEHA awards will be accepted every year.  

IEHA Awards Recipeints

EH Professional of the Year

Represents a professional role model for all members, goes above and beyond the normal excellence by teaching, training, & striving to upgrade their own departments and also the total environment as a whole. 

2024: Robert McCaulley (Clarke)

2022:  Dustin Hinrich (Linn)

2021:  Ivy Bremer (Siouxland District Health)

2020:  Jeff Sherman (Floyd)

2019: Mike Sukup (Mills)

2018: Sue Ellen Hosch (Linn)

2017:  Brian Hanft (Cerro Gordo)

2016:  Sophia Walsh (Cerro Gordo)

2015:  Eric Bradley (Scott)

2014:  Aimee Devereaux (Emmet)

2013: James Lacina

2012: Misty Day (Kroeze)

2010: Joe Stroeher (Shelby)

2008: Kathy Witowski

2006: Lee Wiges

2004: Kim Johnson (Buena Vista)

2001: Tammy McKeever (Clay)

2000: Carl Wilburn (Carroll)

1999: Tom Newton

1998: Kevin Anderson (City of Ames)

1998: John Bein

1997: Brent Parker

1996: Larry Gittins

1995: Judy Harrison (DIA)

1994: Karen Sheppard (now Payne)

1993: Ron Osterholm

1992: Bobby Baker

1991: Bud Rushenberg

Rookie of the Year Award

Represents a person with no more than 3 years of experience.  Must not have had prior experience from any previous environmental employment.  Rookie who has distinguished themselves by meritorious services to their agency and the EH field.  

2024: Allison Roderick (Webster)

2023:  Amanda Baer (Mitchell)

2022:  Ameera Tahir (Blackhawk)

2021:  Diane Midcalf (Linn)

2020:  Tara Marriott (Scott)

2019:  Katie Baker (City of Dubuque)

2018:  Matt Even (Buchannan)

2017:  James Bechtel (Johnson)

2016:  Chris Christiansen (Black Hawk)

2015: Jia Sun

2013: KT LaBadie

2012: Ben Shuberg (Cherokee)

2010: Sandra Bubke (Monona)

2008: Erik Gustafson (Cerro Gordo)

2006: Joe Neary (Palo Alto)

2004: Kara Voyelson

2001: Jeff Thomann (Washington)

2000: Brett Myers

1999: Jodi Sutter

1998: Lorri Wood

1998: Shell Irlbeck (Carroll)

1997: Jennifer Samson

1996: Dan Ries

1995: Don L. Torgerson

1995: Mark Mathre

1994: Karla DeBower

Local Board of Health Award

Represents a local board of health for the work they have done in the supporting, initiating, and or expanding public health programs. 

2024: Chickasaw County

2023:  Carroll County

2022:  Calhoun County

2021: no nominations

2020: no nominations

2019:  Buchanan County

2018:  No Recipient

2017:  O'Brien County

2015:  Scott County

2014: Johnson County

2012: Jones County

2010: Henry County

2008: Winneshiek County

2006: Shelby County

2004: Clay County

2001: Cherokee County

1998: ADLM

1996: Scott County

1992: Guthrie County


IEHA Awards Recipients Continued

Galen Robertson Memorial Award

Represents a person in the field of food inspections who demonstrate a belief in the importance of inspections.  Uses practical and common sense in the inspection process, displays a professional and courteous manner while conducting an inspection. 

2024: Jesse Bockelman (Johnson)

2023: Adam Hahn (Black Hawk)

2022:  Alicia Sanders (Siouxland District Health)

2021:  Tina Ahlberg (Blackhawk)

2020:  Brianna Gabrel (Linn)

2019:  Jason Taylor (Washington)

2018: Larry Sivesind (Blackhawk)

2015:  Michelle Clausen Rosendahl (Siouxland District Health)

2014: Dan Ries (Cerro Gordo)

2014: Dixie Fullerton (Cerro Gordo)

2012: Sandy Heinen (Black Hawk)

2010: Dixie Fullerton (Cerro Gordo)

2008: Jennine Wolf (Washington)

2006: Tim Link (City of Dubuque)

2004: Don McLain (Pocahontas)

2001: Shell Irlbeck (Carroll)

2000: Heidi Krejci (Peck) (Linn)

1999: Ron Osterholm (Cerro Gordo)

1998: Robert Haxton

1997: Karla DeBower

1996: Mary Ealy

1995: Diane Seyb

1994: Lacie Jacobson

1993: Kevin Anderson (City of Ames)

1992: Dr. John Tillie

1991: Albert Moonsammy

Health Department

Represents a group of people who are dedicated to public health.  This department must support, initiate and help to expand the public health needs of their county, city or community. 

2024: Black Hawk County Health Department

2023:  Chickasaw County

2022:  Jones County

2021: Siouxland District Health


2019:  Emmet County

2018: Northwest Iowa Regional Sanitarians 

2015:  Linn County

2010: Marion County

2008: Cerro Gordo County

2006: Mills County

2004: Washington County

2001: Northwest Sanitarians Group

2000: Jones County

1998: Carroll, Crawford & Greene County

1997: Cerro Gordo County

1996: Johnson County

1995: Blackhawk County

1994: Polk County

1993: Scott County

1991: Cerro Gordo County


Shows leadership and concern for the environment.  Must make a definite contribution to public health.  Works with the state, county, and city governments.

2024: Weiss Septic (Jeff Weiss)

2023: Trent & Amanda Winters

2022:  Koenig Portable Toilets (Clay Co)

2021:  Whiskey Road

2020 Iowa Onsite Wastwater Training Center (DMACC)

2019:  Hansen's Dairy, (Hudson, IA - Black Hawk Co)

2018: No Nominations

2017:  Wright Plumbing (Monona Co)

2016:  St. Lukes Aquatic Center (Clay Co)

2015:  Gingerich Well & Pump Services, LLC

2014:  Shawver Well Company (Fredericksburg)

2013: Lyndon Johnson (Hometown Food Stores)

2012: Cooley Pumping LLC

2010: Terry’s Septic and Portable Services

2008: UHL 2008

2006: Tony Decker- Zippy’s Drive Through

2004: Middendorf Well Company

1999: Stanley’s Food Service

1998: Larry Jones, Burger King

1997: Old Thershers Reunion

1996: Bonnickson Foods

1995: Stewart Burger, ISU Food Service

1994: Andy Conn, ADS. Inc.

NEHA Certificate of Merit Recipients

Nationally recognizes on individual for their outstanding contributions to the environmental health profession.  

2021: Conference Planning Commitee: Sandy Bubke (Monona), Chair, Aimee Devereaux (Emmet/Palo Alto), Tammy McKeever (Clay), Carmily Stone (IDPH), Mat Even (Buchanan), Shelly Schossow (Calhoun), Eric Bradley (Scott), Kathy Leinenkugel (IDPH)

2020: Donn Simmons (SHL)

2019: Sandy Bubke (Monona)

2018: Conference Planning Commitee: Sandy Bubke (Monona), Chair, Aimee Devereaux (Emmet/Palo Alto), Tammy McKeever (Clay), Carmily Stone (IDPH), Mat Even (Buchanan), Shelly Schossow (Calhoun), Eric Bradley (Scott), Kathy Leinenkugel (IDPH)

2018:  Eric Bradley (Scott)

2017:  IEHA Legislative Committee: Brian Hanft (Cerro Gordo), Eric Heinen (Black Hawk), Michelle Clausen-Rosendahl (SLDH), Mike Sukup (Mills), Denise Attard-Sacco (IDPH), Patti Ruff (Clayton), Eric Bradley (Scott)

2017:  Jim Hodina (Linn County)

2016:  Michelle Clausen Rosendahl (Siouxland District)

2015:  Jon McNamee (Black Hawk)

2014:  Tim Dougherty (Scott)

2013:  Tammy McKeever (Clay)

2011 Larry Linnenbrink (Scott)

2010:  Pam Mollenhauer (UHL)

2007:  Brian Hanft (Cerro Gordo)

1996:  Judy Harrison (DIA)

1995:  Karen Payne

Distinguished Service Award

Represents a member who has served on IEHA committees, panels, boards and has displayed a true respect for the ideals of this organization and environmental health. 

2024: Jared Parmater

2023:  None

2022:  Robin Raijean (Linn)

2021:  Diana Daly-Husted (ADLM)

2020:  None

2019:  James Hodina (Linn)

2018: Sandy Bubke (Monona)

2017: Eric Bradley (Scott)

2016  Michelle Clausen Rosendahl (Siouxland District Health)

2015: Jon McNamee

2014: Pam Mollenhauer (SHL)

2014: Tim Dougherty (Scott)

2013: Tammy McKeever (Clay)

2013: Tina Ahlberg (Black Hawk)

2010: Bill Milani (ADLM)

2010: Donnie Herteen (ADLM)

2010: Mike Magnant (IDPH)

2010: Larry Linnenbrink (Scott)

2008: Mark Linda (Linn)

2008: Brian Hanft (Cerro Gordo)

2006: Don Dawson (O'Brien)

2006: John Bein

2004: Suzanne Chapdelaine Davis

2001: Iowa Air Coalition

2000-2001: James Carroll

2000-2001: Brent Parker

2000: Terri Derringer

1999: Linda Reed

1998: Joe Stroeher

1998: Sheila Groeneveld

1998: Gary Blodgett

1997: Dr.Wayne Rowley

1996: Carl Wilburn

1995: Robert Mulqueen

1994: John Bein

1992: Karen Sheppard Payne 


Harry Grant Award 

Awarded  by IPHA to an individual who has excelled in the area of environmental health.  They must be employed as an environmental health worker for a minimum of three years and be an active member of a local or national environmental or public health organization. 

2021: no nominations

2020: no nominations

2019: Mark Mathre (Cerro Gordo)

2018: No Nominations

2017:  No Nominations

2016:  Brian Hanft (Cerro Gordo)

2015:  Mike Sukup (Mills)

2015:  Jon McNamee (Blackhawk)

2012 – Tammy McKeever (Clay)

2011 – Eric Bradley (Scott)

2010 – Nancy H. Hall (UHL)

2009 – Aimee Devereaux (O'Brien)

2007 – Ken Sharp (IDPH)

2005 – Michael Wichman (UHL)

2002 – Ken Choquette

1993 – Rita Gergely (IDPH)

1991 – Bud Rushenberg

1989 – Tom Corothers

1988 – Robert Leggett

1987 – Ken Choquette

1985 – Mark Linda (Linn)

1984 – Al Moore


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