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There has never been a better or more critical time for environmental health professionals to get involved in advocacy efforts.  Encourage your legislators and other decision makers to protect Iowa's environmental health.

It's your right as a citizen to make your concerns known to elected officials.  You can do this by writing a letter, making a phone call, or meeting one-on-one with a public official.  The most important element in influencing public policy is sincerity and belief in what you want to happen.  If your members of state legislature and Congress don't hear from you, they won't know you care about an issue.

Most of your representatives do not have the academic or professional experience and background in environmental health to make decisions on complex issues.  They want to be educated, and they want to know your opinion.

Don't assume someone else will speak up.  Get involved today!  Check out our Iowa and Federal Resources to help you get started.

Want to get involved in IEHA Legislative issues?  Want to have your voice heard?  Contact committee chair: Eric Bradley

ISAC Legislative Tracking Tool

During the legislative session it is important for county officials to stay up-to-date on legislation that has the potential to affect them. One place to go for this information is the ISAC Legislative Tracking Tool. Click here to access the tool. You can search for all bills by title, affiliate, or ISAC position. The tracking tool is linked to the General Assembly’s website so if you click on the bill number it will pull up the current bill for you to review. If there are any amendments filed for the bill those will be shown as well. 

NEHA Environmental Health Advocacy Training Video

This training emphasizes the merits and importance of Environmental Health in Iowa. It will cover a number of topics including active promotion, effective language, developing useful strategies, and building media skills.

NEHA Advocacy Presentation

 IEHA Legislative Committee Updates

Legislative Objectives

IEHA's Legislative Priorities

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