• To submit a job posting, please e-mail a job description to the Iowa Environmental Health Association at The job description should essentially be a snapshot of what your open position will entail that identifies key responsibilities, tasks and skills your job position requires.

This position description will be posted to the IEHA website within 1-3 days of receipt. This service is offered free-of-charge to current IEHA members (individuals and organizations). Non-members may request positions to be posted for a fee of $100 per month. 

Any job posting, submitted by an IEHA member, that does not contain a close or apply by date will be removed from this page ninety (90) days from the date it was posted. Postings that contain a date will be removed from this page the day after regardless of the number of days from the post date. If the Close Date of your posting changes, please contact IEHA with a corrected time frame.

As a non-profit professional association, IEHA seeks to share career opportunities 
within Iowa's environmental health community.


Leading IPHA into the Future

For 94 years, the Iowa Public Health Association (IPHA) has been the institution that has connected and convened Iowa’s public health community. We are a member driven organization that seeks to support Iowa so that all Iowans have access to infrastructure that supports their health. We believe public health is fundamental to every sector.  We look forward to an Iowa where healthy kids are prepared to learn, a healthy workforce is productive and healthy communities thrive.

IPHA is seeking its next executive director, and we invite you, our members and partners to help share this exciting opportunity.  Applications due 2.15.19. Please click below for detailed instructions.

Executive Director Opportunity

POSTED 1/30/19



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