The National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) Proudly Presents the NEHA 2020 Annual Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibition

Register now for the NEHA 2020 AEC in New York City.


Attending a preconference offering at the NEHA 2020 Annual Educational Conference & Exhibition is the perfect opportunity to meet, interact, and work hands-on with some of environmental health’s unknown heroes—experienced industry professionals and leaders—and gain vital knowledge and skills you need to elevate your career to the next level. From improving management, presentation, and other essential skills to specialized workshops tailored to current and emerging environmental health topics, you will find a variety of offerings to help you achieve success in your profession.


Elevate your career by attending a preconference workshop or training at the NEHA 2020 AEC

Instructional Skills Training

Sunday, July 12 
$149 NEHA members; $199 nonmembers

Who should attend?
Anyone interested in being a better instructor and those wanting to learn instructional skills necessary to increase engagement with your content.

Survival Skills for Environmental Health Leaders
Sunday, July 12

$149 NEHA members; $199 nonmembers

Who should attend?
Environmental Health professionals in the first five years of their career interested in leadership skill building.


Elevate your career by attending a preconference offering at the NEHA 2020 AEC

Registered Environmental Health Specialist/ Registered Sanitarian (REHS/RS) Review Course
Saturday, July 11–Monday, July 13 

$549 NEHA members; $649 nonmembers. REHS/RS Study Guide included.
Why attend?
This 2.5-day review course will help prepare you for the REHS/RS exam, the most prevalent credential offered by NEHA.

Certified Professional—Food Safety (CP-FS) Review Course
Saturday and Sunday, July 11 and 12

$449 NEHA members; $549 nonmembers. Includes CP-FS Study Package (CP-FS Manual and CP-FS Flash Cards).
Why attend?
The CP-FS credential is designed for professionals within the public and private sectors who have prior food safety experience. This 2-day review course will help prepare you for the CP-FS exam.

Credential Exams
All NEHA Credential Exams will be offered at the AEC: REHS/RS, CP-FS, Certified in Food Safety Supplier Audits (CFSSA) and Certified Foodborne Outbreak Investigator (CFOI).


Elevate your career by attending a preconference offering at the NEHA 2020 AEC.

NEHA/FDA National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards Self-Assessment and Verification Audit Workshop
Saturday, July 11–Monday, July 13 

$140 NEHA members and nonmembers  
Who should attend?
Program managers or those directly responsible for conducting program self-assessments and preparing for verification audits.
NEHA/FDA ER310 Food Safety Issues in the Event of Disasters Course
Sunday, July 12–Monday, July 13

Free to attend, pre-registration required
Who should attend?
State, local, tribal and territorial regulators, environmental health specialists, and food safety inspection officers who respond to local disasters.
NEHA/NOWRA Taking Septic Systems to the Next Level
Monday, July 13

$149 NEHA members; $199 nonmembers
Who should attend?
Professionals who deal with the challenges and solutions related to septic systems.
NEHA/SOPHIA A Tool for Environmental Health Planning and Decision Making: Health Impact Assessment Training
Sunday, July 12 

$149 NEHA members; $199 nonmembers
Who should attend?
Public and private sector professionals whose work informs decisions about policies, plans, and projects that can shape the built, natural, and social environments.

Visit the Preconference Offerings page for a complete list of
preconference offerings and to register.



Early bird pricing ends April 24.

NEHA 2020 Annual Educational Conference & Exhibition
New York 
● New York ● July 13–16, 2020


The NEHA AEC is designed to train, educate, and advance people who have an interest or career in environmental health and protection, as well as bring people together to build a professional network of environmental health colleagues, exchange information, and discover new and practical solutions to environmental health issues.

Iowa onsite wastewater associationIowa Onsite Waste Water Association

Schedule of Workshops

Onsite Wasterwater Training Center of Iowa

Time of Transfer Workshop

Schedule of workshops

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image: Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools Program

Let EPA’s webinars on IAQ management in schools put a spring in your step this spring break!

A image of a book in grass.

Explore the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Master Class Professional Training Webinar Series and the IAQ Knowledge-to-Action Professional Training Webinar Series this spring and learn some helpful IAQ tips!

Below are a few webinars to get you started:

IAQ Master Class Webinar on Effective Cleaning and Maintenance
Clean Bill of Health: How Effective Cleaning and Maintenance Can Improve Health Outcomes in Your School
Learn how to explain the benefits of proper cleaning and maintenance on student, staff and building health and performance and how to establish cleaning and maintenance training programs.

IAQ Master Class Webinar on Mold and Moisture in Schools
Mold and Moisture: Double Trouble for Schools
Brush up on effective strategies for responding quickly to moisture problems in schools.

IAQ Knowledge-to-Action Webinar on Green Cleaning for Improved Health
Green Cleaning for Improved Health: The Return on Investment of Green Cleaning in Schools
Discover how to incorporate evidence-based green cleaning techniques into a system for achieving a healthy indoor environment.

IAQ Knowledge-to-Action Webinar on Mold, Moisture and Funding
Mold, Moisture and Money: How to Secure Funding to Address and Prevent IAQ Issues
Explore methods to help secure sustainable funding for IAQ and moisture management and maximize return on investment.

Are there any others you may have missed?

View other webinars in the two IAQ Professional Training Webinar Series:

The IAQ Master Class Professional Training Webinar Series comprises ten 1-hour technical, Web-based trainings that focus on building the capacity of a school or school district to start, improve or sustain an IAQ program. Each webinar includes featured speakers and technical experts and shows examples of EPA guidance being used in schools and school districts.

The ongoing IAQ Knowledge-to-Action Professional Training Webinar Series comprises several 1-hour technical, core-competency, Web-based trainings that demonstrate how the knowledge gained in the IAQ Master Class Professional Training Webinar Series can be translated into actions that improve or sustain an IAQ management program within your school or school district.


Safe Water Program Improvement e-Learning Series (SWPI)

The information below provides details on how to obtain free and flexible web based training that pertains to private water supplies.  This series includes topics that can be beneficial to your private drinking water program - regardless of size. 

The topics include -

  • 101 – Introduction: The 10 Essential Environmental Public Health Services and Unregulated Drinking Water Programs
  • 102 – Assessment: Monitor Health
  • 103 – Assessment: Diagnose and Investigate
  • 104 – Policy Development: Inform, Educate, Empower, and Mobilize
  • 105 – Policy Development: Policies and Plans
  • 106 – Assurance: Laws and Regulations
  • 107 – Assurance: Linking People to Services
  • 108 – Assurance: Assuring a Competent Workforce
  • 109 – Assurance: Evaluation and Research


Featured Course Bundle: Environmental Public Health Online Courses (EPHOC)

Environmental Public Health Online Courses (EPHOC) is a comprehensive package of courses for environmental public health practitioners. The 15 courses are taught by experts in their field and include information on various roles and responsibilities of environmental public health staff. Target audiences include: new-hire environmental public health professionals; individuals preparing for a state or national credential exam; environmental health and other students; and environmental public health professionals wanting to improve their technical knowledge. Additional information on EPHOC is available at

This bundle of courses is designed to be used as a study guide for the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) exam. 
Note: At this time there isn't an official certificate awarded for completing all 15 courses. 

E001: General Environmental Health 3 hours
E002: Statutes and Regulations 3 hours
E003: Food Protection 4 hours
E004: Potable Water 6 hours 
E005: Wastewater 4 hours
E006: Solid and Hazardous Materials 3 hours
E007: Hazardous Materials 1 hour
E008: Zoonoses, Vectors, Pests and Weeds 4 hours
E009: Radiation Protection
2 hours
E010: Occupational Safety and Health
1 hour
E011: Air Quality and Environmental Noise 2 hours
E012: Housing Sanitation and Safety 3 hours
E013: Institutions and Licensed Establishments 3 hours
E014: Swimming Pools and Recreational Facilities 3 hours
E015: Disaster Sanitation 5 hours

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Iowa Department of Public Health - Protecting and Improving the Health of Iowans


Local Environmental Health Update

I am pleased to announce that the Environmental Health Training in Emergency Response (EHTER) Awareness Level course is now available as an independent-study, online course through the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Independent-Study Web site! This course was made possible through a partnership between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), FEMA’s Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP), and FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute (EMI).


To access the course, please visit:


IS-305: Environmental Health Training in Emergency Response (EHTER) Awareness Level


For more information about this and other EHTER training opportunities, please visit


Please feel free to share this with others who may be interested.

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